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  • When is the next weekend window exhibition?
    The next weekend window exhibition is 30th July - 1st August 2021
  • How can I take part in a Window Exhbition?
    Easy! Pop your artwork (of any kind) in a window on the dates advertised, leave it there for the duration of the weekend for your neighbours to enjoy. We set a theme for the weekends for those who need a guide but we welcome rebels - dont feel you need to conform to the theme, share your own practice or experiements what ever they may be! We love to know who's taking part so we can create a trail map for the weekend - drop us an email or sumbit your detail via the 'What on' section for the event, we only need to know the street your on to help others find you. If your on social media make sure to tag us @stretfordstreetartclub so we can share your window pics!
  • What kind of artwork can I put in my window?
    Any thing goes in our club! Paintings, collage, textiles, sculpture, film, photography etc ............. what ever you feel like creating we want to see it.
  • Do I have to be an 'artist' to take part?
    SSAC want ALL abilities, ages and techniques to be celebrated in the window exhbitions. Art is for all and we want the established artists of Stretford as well as the occational doodlers and mess makers of the community to supprt each other during this event. If you would like to get involved but dont know where to start - get in touch we'd love to help you. If your a super talented artsist please dont think this event is not for you - you may just inspire someone or generate a conversation with a neighbour.
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